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Meet the Band


Lola Bombay (aka Lori Carsillo), vocals

Lola Bombay’s origins are, to this day, shrouded in controversy. A top secret government document, accidentally declassified by an obscure state department bureaucrat who mysteriously died three days later, showed that she has often enjoyed the company of eligible bachelors from the royal families of Spain, Hungary, Monaco, and Lichtenstein. Despite this fact, Lola has steadfastly claimed to be an innocent California girl named Lori Carsillo. Claiming to have grown up in a legendary Eden called “Menlo Park”, the so-called Ms. Carsillo learned at an early age that men more eagerly do the bidding of a woman who can command an audience from the stage. She thus took up jazz singing, studying vocals with Kitty Margolis and attending the Stanford Jazz Workshop. Lola performs around the San Francisco Bay Area in a jazz trio under the name of Lori Carsillo, and claims that her work with Project: Pimento under the name Lola Bombay is merely Lori’s alter ego. Still the rumors persist, and the tabloids won’t let go: Why was she clearly seen betting $750,000 on “red” at the roulette tables of Monte Carlo? Who was the tall, muscular man in the dark Armani suit that whisked her away in his private jet after Project: Pimento’s last gig at the Rite Spot? Why is she referred to on the streets of Morocco as “Lola Cleopatra”? Why is her favorite drink any cocktail served in a sugar-rimmed glass encrusted with emeralds? Favorite drink: Bombay Sapphire Martini.


Dr. Robby Virus, theremin

After rising from his humble origins in the American heartland, the renowned scientist Dr. Robby Virus has worked in some of the world’s foremost research institutes, struggling to push back the frontiers of knowledge in such fields as biochemistry, genetic engineering, and lepidoptery. Yet despite working tirelessly in the lab for years, Robby was scandalously denied the Nobel Prize twice, once in medicine and once in economics, after the Swedish panel of judges claimed to have “never heard of him”. In anger, and perhaps denial, Robby picked up the bass guitar and formed the legendary surf/goth band “The Giraffe Had A Voice”. But it wasn’t until he discovered the theremin that he found his true musical calling among the great bachelor pad sounds of the 1960s and the seedy cocktail lounges that made this nation of ours so great. As Project: Pimento’s fame has spread, he has had the opportunity to play on the soundtrack to the movie “Hellboy” and to appear on TV with the maker of his theremin, Bob Moog. And yet, the Nobel committee still has not called. Favorite drink: Absinthe.


Sam “Buca” Heminger, bass

Every band has a sex symbol and a bass player, and in Project: Pimento they’re one and the same.  Sam “BucaHeminger started getting a reputation as a ladies’ man a few years back, when he was dating Ariana Grande, Scarlett Johansson, and Beyonce…at the same time. The famous incident with the paparazzi and the Sears catalog ended all that at once, and in the worst possible way, but his notoriety was set from that point on.  His boyish charm, stunning good looks, and gentlemanly manner, not to mention his impeccable bass lines, have rocketed him to the top of the lists of the world’s most eligible bachelors. Yet he remains hard to pin down, claiming his womanizing days are over and that his real love is theremin lounge music.  But tell that to Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez, both of whom he has been seen sporting on his arm in recent months.  Favorite drink: Sambuca L’Arancia.


Micah “Champagne” McClain, drums

From his infancy, Micah loved to bang on things. At eight months he used a butter knife to hand carve his own drumsticks from pine tree seedlings growing in his back yard, and by the age of three he was recording drum parts for a number of Motown hits under a myriad of pseudonyms. He is rumored to have made over $21.7 million dollars by the age of ten from his recording stints, but a run-in with the IRS forced him to flee the country, and he dropped out of sight for the next twenty-two years. While rumors of an untimely death were rampant, he ultimately reappeared in Monaco, sailing one of the world’s most expensive yachts. For a time he was a man without a country, sailing the seven seas and putting into ports around the globe with little notice, where he would spend outrageous sums of cash living the high life for a few days, only to leave as quickly and mysteriously as he arrived. Finally, a secret deal with the IRS allowed him to return to the States, where he began playing drums with Project: Pimento. Yet, he will still on occasion mysteriously disappear for weeks on end, returning just in time for the next gig, his hair mussed up but his suits perfectly pressed. Favorite drink: A bottle of 1959 Dom Perignon, chilled to 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


“Trader” Vic Wong, guitar

At the age of twelve, Vic found an old canoe by the side of a lake in the remote Sierra Nevada Mountains. He patched it up and gave boat rides to tourists for one dollar each. After only five years he had somehow turned this humble business into one of the world’s largest shipping companies, with over 200 vessels shipping cargo across the world’s vast oceans. He is worth billions, but true to his humble origins, he lives in a modest abode in San Francisco, and spends his spare time working on guitar riffs for Project: Pimento’s next show. But don’t let his modesty fool you; many financial experts estimate that 55% of all goods sold on Amazon have been shipped by his company. Favorite Drink: Mai Tai.