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Dr. Robby Virus, theremin
After rising from his humble origins in the American heartland, the renowned scientist Dr. Robby Virus has worked in some of the world’s foremost research institutes, struggling to push back the frontiers of knowledge in such fields as biochemistry, genetic engineering, and lepidoptery. Yet despite working tirelessly in the lab for years, Robby was scandalously denied the Nobel Prize twice, once in medicine and once in economics, after the Swedish panel of judges claimed to have “never heard of him”. In anger, and perhaps denial, Robby picked up the bass guitar and formed the legendary surf/goth band “The Giraffe Had A Voice”. But it wasn’t until he discovered the theremin that he found his true musical calling among the great bachelor pad sounds of the 1960s and the seedy cocktail lounges that made this nation of ours so great. As Project: Pimento’s fame has spread, he has had the opportunity to play on the soundtrack to the movie “Hellboy” and to appear on TV with the maker of his theremin, Bob Moog. And yet, the Nobel committee still has not called. Favorite drink: absinthe.

Lola Bombay (aka Lori Carsillo), vocals
Lola Bombay’s origins are, to this day, shrouded in controversy. A top secret government document, accidentally declassified by an obscure state department bureaucrat who mysteriously died three days later, showed that she has often enjoyed the company of eligible bachelors from the royal families of Spain, Hungary, Monaco, and Lichtenstein. Despite this fact, Lola has steadfastly claimed to be an innocent California girl named Lori Carsillo. Claiming to have grown up in a legendary Eden called “Menlo Park”, the so-called Ms. Carsillo learned at an early age that men more eagerly do the bidding of a woman who can command an audience from the stage. She thus took up jazz singing, studying vocals with Kitty Margolis and attending the Stanford Jazz Workshop. Lola performs around the San Francisco Bay Area in a jazz trio under the name of Lori Carsillo, and claims that her work with Project: Pimento under the name Lola Bombay is merely Lori’s alter ego. Still the rumors persist, and the tabloids won’t let go: Why was she clearly seen betting $750,000 on “red” at the roulette tables of Monte Carlo? Who was the tall, muscular man in the dark Armani suit that whisked her away in his private jet after Project: Pimento’s last gig at the Odeon? Why is she referred to on the streets of Morocco as “Lola Cleopatra”? Why is her favorite drink any cocktail served in a sugar-rimmed glass encrusted with emeralds?

Gentleman Jack, guitar
It’s no coincidence that Gentleman Jack, the profusely polite “jack-of-all-trades”, was born and raised in Kennett, Missouri, the humble hamlet that also gave rise to musical superstars Sheryl Crow and Danny Landrum, the hammered dulcimer player for Yanni. After a torrid but ultimately doomed romance with the police chief’s daughter forced him to leave town suddenly late one night, he took to the road, break dancing on street corners for pocket change. It was here that he earned his moniker, for always profusely thanking the strangers who tossed him nickels and gum wrappers, which he wove into exotic macramé plant hangers. Sensing that there was better money to be made in the golden west, he headed to the Bay Area, where a Masters degree in screenwriting from Stanford soon lead to a lucrative stint as a waiter in a Palo Alto seafood restaurant. Tiring of the vagaries of the movie business, he decided to embark on a stable, well-paying career, so he took up jazz guitar. The money began rolling in as he pretended to teach music lessons to kids, while stealing their riffs and ideas. After answering a Craig’s List ad on a lark, he suddenly found himself rocketed into the canons of musical history as the world’s greatest guitarist in a theremin lounge band. He’s never looked back. Favorite drink: gin and tonic, and keep ‘em coming!

Caroline Curacao, bass
Caroline Curacao was born in Seoul, Korea, where she began to study classical piano at the age of 3, and by the age of 6 she was touring professionally. However, when her extraordinary marksman skills were discovered when she shot an apple off her piano teacher’s head from a range of 1000 meters, the South Korean Intelligence Agency threatened to kidnap her and train her as an agent. To avoid this fate, she and her family fled from the Korean peninsula to the Florida peninsula. It was here, during her teenage years, that a part-time summer job in an orange grove gave her enough of an insider’s glimpse into the citrus industry to allow her, within a few short years, to corner the market in frozen concentrated orange juice. The ensuing financial windfall allowed her to retire and pursue the life she really wanted…to play stand-up bass in a retro-lounge band, as well as in a mysteriously named jazz group, the Caroline Chung Trio. But has she truly renounced the worlds of espionage and high finance? Recent unannounced and unexplained trips to former soviet bloc countries, as well as a string of affairs with politically connected, absurdly wealthy, and devastatingly handsome citrus tycoons have left some wondering. Favorite drink: Orange juice, Orange Curacao, and lots of vodka.

Aaron Wallbanger , drums
Booze, broads, and drums! What can we say, Aaron Wallbanger loves ‘em all! Favorite drink: the Harvey Wallbanger, named after his uncle.




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