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Space Age Love Songs

1. Barbarella
2. Walk On By
3. Moon River
4. Heart
5. You Only Live Twice
6. One Mint Julep
7. Fever
8. A Shot in the Dark
9. Quiet Village
10. Brazil
11. Charade
12. Moon of Manakoora
13. Close Your Eyes
14. Something Stupid

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Magical Moods of the Theremin

1. Call Me
2. Sway
3. Star Trek
4. Diamonds Are Forever
5. Black Magic Woman
6. Bali Ha'i
7. Caravan
8. Calcutta
9. Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)
10. Agua de Beber
11. Peter Gunn
12. L-O-V-E

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Space Age Love Songs  

Magical Moods of the Theremin  CD BABY  I

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Space Age Love Songs Review from Java's Bachelor Pad
...Four years ago, Project: Pimento hit the scene with their debut CD Magical Moods of the Theremin. Their use of the theremin was a great way at re-imagining lounge favorites. The haunting and ghostly tones of this strange electronic instrument complimented the smoky delivery of Lola Bombay (aka Lori Carsillo) perfectly. It’s been a while, but the group is back with a new batch of lounge favorites in Space Age Love Songs. (That's the lovely Lola on the album cover.)
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Space Age Love Songs Review by Howard Mossman
Lovers of jazz music may remember a singer known affectionately as "the velvet fog". His real name was, of course, Mel Torme. There is also a thereminist that I find plays in an easy-going style, similar to Mel Torme's singing, and that man is Robby Virus.

Robby and his musical aggregation known as Project Pimento have just released their second CD entitled, “Space Age Love Songs”. (The first album was “Magical Moods of the Theremin”). I just received my copy of this fantastic recording and have been playing it ever since. There are 14 selections providing over 50 minutes of the most listenable
familiar standards, like Moon River, Quiet Village, Brazil, Moon of Manakoora, and also some not so familiar tunes like Barbarella, Heart, and One Mint Julep. Plenty of vocals are also supplied by a very sexy singer named Lori Carsillo, aka Lola Bombay. We old timers might say her seductive vocalizations
are reminiscent of Julie London's stylings. Robby's theremin playing is never in your face but can be likened to sweet cream blended nicely into the rich coffee blend of vocals, rhythm lines, guitar, and jazz organ.

This album is perfect listening for unwinding after a hard day at the office or when you are just sitting with your significant other and sipping a glass of fine wine by candle light. I particularly liked the Project's version of Les Baxter's Quiet Village. Some of the exotic jungle sounds, I suspect, were made by Robby playing games with his Ethervox theremin which, by the way, is prominently displayed on the album cover being caressed by Lori. (Gee, she has the whitest, smoothest skin I have ever seen.) The album notes are provided by Mr. Steve Martin, producer of the 'Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey' film. The album itself is dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Bob Moog.

If you do not have this recording in your collection of theremin music, you are missing out on one very cool and enjoyable experience. Oh, and by the way, Robby teams up with Lori to sing a duet on the final song in the album titled Something Stupid. Robby sure ain't stupid teaming up with Lori, no sireee. A combo made in heaven. Maybe on project Pimento's next album we could hear more of Robby's rich baritone as well as his Velvet Theremin.

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Magical Moods CD Review By Will "the Thrill" Viharo
"From Samuel J. Hoffman to the Beach Boys, from Spellbound to The Day the Earth Stood Still, the Theremin has been used by many bold, experimental musicians throughout pop history to evoke an ethereal, exotic, esoteric mood. Following the lounge revival of the '90s, which included the resurgence of interest in vintage film soundtracks, the Theremin has once again captivated the musical imaginations of a new generation. There was a hit documentary on the tragic life of the odd instrument's creator, Leon Theremin, which also contributed to the renewed awareness and appreciation of the unique "woo-ooo-ooo" sound so many had grown hearing in B sci-fi flicks. The popular alternative art-rock band Portishead was among the first of the new bands to occasionally sample this electronic enigma...


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